Biologique Recherche Ambassade de la Beauté

My Superb Experience with Biologique Recherche – Paris!

My Superb Experience with Biologique Recherche – Paris!

As I arrive at Lancaster Hotel, I am greeted by a superb professional staff that shows me to my spacious room and presents me with a gift from Biologique Recherche – The Louis Vuitton way of seeing Paris. Delayed already I rush to prepare and get to Salons Hoche where there are hundreds of profesSECONDE PEAU Noticesionals from all over the world. Some business owners like myself, and some Biologique ambassadors and educators. What a special event that covered everything from education, lectures and sharing, Biologique Recherche experience from all over the world and most of all the presentation of Biologique Recherche newest invention that took 10 years to research Second skin (Seconde Peau). Second Skin is a professional treatment performed during salon visits. Below is the research and facts on second skin.

                                         Biologique Recherche Second Skin

After two days of lectures, presentations and great entertainment, I got to celebrate with hundreds of others the spa reopening of the New Biologique Recherche Ambassade de la Beauté.


Biologique Recherche Ambassade de la Beauté

image3It was a special night, a night of pride and accomplishment.

I could feel the sprits of the creators Dr. Ivan Allouche and Madam Geossette Allouche.

The spa is beautifully renovated and as I walk through the floors I find my favorite room. A training room named after Geossette Allouche. “Something special there”.

Thank you Biologique Recherche for this wonderful professional and soulful experience.

I look forward to growth, education and more of Biologique Recherche magic to come.


Dr. Philippe Allouche and Vicki Morav



Biologique Recherche introduces Second Peau (Second Skin), a world premiere in professional skincare. Inspired by medical process used to treat severely burnt patients, Second Peau is a regenerating and lifting electrospun mask made up of 80% hyaluronic acid of medical origin.

Skin Instants: recommended for damaged Skin Instants.

Hyaluronic acid (Patchs Seconde Peau)

hyallHyaluronic Acid forms the fundamental substance of the dermis together with collagen, elastin and proteoglycans. It plays an essential role in regulating the skin’s moisture levels, given its exceptional capacity for water retention. Working like a real “molecular sponge”, it absorbs up to 1,000 times its mass in water. Its moisturizing activity is preserved, even in dry atmospheric conditions. When topically applied, Hyaluronic Acid forms a continuous elastic film over the skin. This film is permeable to cutaneous exchanges, retaining moisture and thereby contributing to maintaining good levels in the stratum corneum irrespective of ambient air humidity. This active ingredient also plays a crucial role in the cellular migration, bonding stimulation and proliferation processes involved in wound regeneration, reconstruction or healing. Hyaluronic acid significantly improves the skin’s healing process as it activates re-epithelialization, regulates cell proliferation and migration and reduces the roughness of the newly formed epidermis.

The Patches

SECONDE PEAU PatchsSeconde Peau is a treatment of five electrospun patches made up of 80% hyaluronic acid and a serum formulated with lifting and regenerating active ingredients. It took ten years of research to implement the first hyaluronic acid electrospun machine, which works like a 3D printer. The production of the Patchs Seconde Peau starts with the injection of pure hyaluronic acid into the electrical electrospun machine. An incredibly innovative process subsequently helps weave hyaluronic acid nanofibers to form the basis of the Patchs Seconde Peau and obtain the first electrospun cosmetic mask. The hyaluronic acid featured in Seconde Peau is forty times more concentrated than that found in traditional cosmetics. Its very low molecular weight (77kDa) guarantees regenerating action, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and reduces the amount and depth of wrinkles. The Sérum Seconde Peau accelerates the bio-availability of the hyaluronic acid contained in the patches while providing lifting and smoothing properties. Hyaluronic acid nanofibers

Effectiveness and benefits

– Visibly plumps up the facial features

– Provides an immediately visible tightening effect

– Erases the signs of aging: wrinkles and fine lines

– Increases the skin’s cohesion, firmness and density

– Accelerates cell renewal and optimizes healing

– Lifts and reshapes the facial contour

– Brightens the complexion

*According to efficacy tests: 8-week ex vivo study carried out by an independent biological research and skin experiment center on human skin explants.

After 11 days of treatment, we observed the following: formation of a longer keratinocyte growth bud, more adhesive to the underlying dermis; over expression of fibronectin around and on the lesion, confirming an early improvement in the growth bud; significant 22% reduction in the width of the lesion, indicating a good lifting effect; improvement in the closure of the epidermal wound by approximately 70%, indicating a good regenerating and healing effect.

Pump your lymph!


The lymph circulation is vital to the body functions, therefore the skin. The lymph fluid is a colorless fluid that runs throughout the body and face helping it rid of toxins.

Drinking lots of water is essential for detoxification. We can do it in various ways, run (a little hard on the joints), jump on the trampoline (be gentle) or come in, lay back and let us do it for you 🙂 It is essential for the health of the skin, improving blood and lymph circulation, allowing for organic exchange of nutrients between the cells and the skin therefore creating plump and glow. Excellent for acne, PMS, water retention related problems, sinus and a general well-being of the skin and the body.

If possible try to minimize the intake of alcohol, dairy, sugar and salts as they are very invasive to the health of the lymphatic system and the levels of cortisol in the body. They  create chaos overwhelming the body to function properly on every level.

Please let us hear your thoughts 🙂

Can’t wait to drain you!!! 🙂

Vicki Morav!!!

Importance of Retin A

The importance of Retin A

The importance of Retin A

It has been 22 years of ‪‎Retin A‬ for me and I have to say, besides everything I use, this product is always a part of my regiment for at least 4 to 5 days a week.

It is highly absorbable‬, ‪‎resurfacing‬, collagen‬ stimulating, great acne‬ solution (outside of nutrition) and scar prevention‬ .

One of many of my favorite active anti aging ingredients and will always be.
Call us or email is to be properly guided on using this very special ingredient
We will teach you how to combine it to your existing regiment as it is supper active !!

Can’t wait to hear from you all !!


No mater what, these Biologique Recherche items MUST be in my medicine cabinet

BR Products I cant leave without

No mater what these Biologique Recherche items MUST be in my medicine cabinet 
To save and balance all imperfections
Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 – gently exfoliating, balancing skin’s pH and sebum and shrink pores
Biologique Recherche Lotion P50
Biologique Recherche Lotion MC 110 #2 – Lifting, contouring and exfoliating 

Biologique Recherche Mask Vivant – purifying
Biologique Recherche Le Grand Serum – activating

Biologique Recherche Complex Royal and Renovateure 14 < the Yin and the Yang >

Biologique Recherche Fluid VIP 02- A breath of oxygen & protection

Biologique Recherche Serum Yall 02- plump

Biologique Recherche Cream MSR-H – supper moisture YUMMY

Introducing MBR Liquid Surgery


mbr liquid surgery serum Post

I can’t believe I’m saying these words as I am the biggest promoter of layers
But here is something so very special for the ones that have no time or just too lazy to layer 🙂
Based on a medical oxygen carrier and used as a hemoglobin substitute replacing excess carbon dioxide with essential pure oxygen , allowing for a complete rejuvenation of cell metabolism
It’s neuromuscular blocking compounds reduce expression resulting in a dramatic reduction of creases as well as strengthening collagen fibers preventing further sogginess and wrinkle formation.
Colloidal gold allows an optimal penetration of all the pharmaceutical ingredients.

It was beyond challenging giving this product a try as I had to give up all my precious layers of serums and do a SOLO!!!

As every company makes sense in there Own way I still don’t believe anything until I try it myself ( the guinea pig herself :))

My fave way of using it

Enzyme booster
Liquid surgery serum
Eye cream smooth 100
Cream extraordinaire ( Omg!)
It takes a few days to build and balance but THEN you get the kind of plump that is rare to achieve
I love finishing all my regiments with fluid VIP 02 from BR
One can use this program for 3 month and then get back to normal routine
Or we can just design a way for each individual and prescribe the proper way of using this very special product according to ones chemistry

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts

Blessings Love And Beauty

Vicki Morav 💖

2015 Top 10 Selling Skin Care Products

top 10 products copy

The secret is out!!! Revealing our 2015 top 10 selling products. This combo has all the ingredients you need to create the best chemistry for radiant, flawless and younger looking skin. From start to finish this list of products is a proof that they are the best this industry has to offer. Visit our site for more information.

  1. Biologique Recherche Lotion p50 8.4 oz
  2. Skinceuticals CE Ferulic Serum 1 oz
  3. Valmont Hydra 3 Regenetic Serum 1 oz
  4. Biologique Recherche Fluid VIP 02 1 oz
  5. Valmont DermoStructuring Master Eye Factor III 0.5 oz
  6. Valmont DermoStructuring Master Face Factor III 1.7 oz
  7. Biologique Recherche Cream MSR-h 1.7 oz
  8. Biologique Recherche Le Grand Serum 1 oz
  9. Valmont Renewing Pack 1.7 oz
  10. Biologique Recherche Mask Vivant 3.4 oz

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MBR – Medical Beauty Research Enzyme Cleansing Booster

Enzyme Cleansing boosterQuick and squeaky clean instant enzyme peeling booster. It takes no time for those of you who have no moment to spare. Instantly peel and be rid of impurities in a blast.

Perfection of Purity An innovative combination of gentle and deep-pore cleansing components to start your incomparable Pure Perfection skin care ritual. Revitalizes, radiates and purifies, for a matte and even complexion. Minimizes fine lines, wrinkles and pores and revives dull skin. Benefits • Removes excess sebum and lipids • Reduces impurities / suitable for acne skin conditions • Increases ability to absorb treatment products • Stimulates cell metabolism and promotes detoxification process • Activates regeneration process • Refines skin’s surface structure • Reveals smoothed and radiant skin • Galactoarabinan • Caffein • Ectoin • MPC™ Complex • Lactic Acid Key Ingredients • Zymo Clear MD • Zea Mays • Amino Acid Tenside • Sodium Bicarbonate • Kaolin • Aloe Vera Gel Powder • Allantoin • Niacin • Inositol • Argan Oil

How To Apply Use mornings and evenings. Apply Enzyme Cleansing Booster to the palm of your hand, emulsify with water to a fluffy-gentle foam and gently massage onto dry or damp skin. Allow to penetrate for a few moments before rinsing it off with lukewarm water. For optimal results, follow with serum and creams of your choice. Tip Enzyme Cleansing Booster can be used to smooth the neck and décolleté. Powder Bottle 80 g / 0.18 lb.


Vicki’s new jewel box of tricks!!!

Bringing you MBR – MEDICAL BEAUTY RESEARCH From Germany.


As we all know, the Germans don’t get play time.
They are way too serious and dedicated to EVERYTHING they create and I can say they are one of the leading countries in research and development when it comes to natural and western medicine. 

You all know me by now, my existing jewel box is full of priceless tricks and most of you understand that I LOVE layers. I have been lucky to work with the most amazing products in the world!!! I feel MBR is the next level of bringing your skin to its perfection. Its status, quality, textures and silk-like feeling is priceless! It is a perfect combination with our existing products and will make the road to anti-aging even more fun!!!

As promised, you’ll never have a dull moment 🙂 

Stay tuned and have fun!!!


With much love,

Vicki Morav

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