Pump your lymph!


The lymph circulation is vital to the body functions, therefore the skin. The lymph fluid is a colorless fluid that runs throughout the body and face helping it rid of toxins.

Drinking lots of water is essential for detoxification. We can do it in various ways, run (a little hard on the joints), jump on the trampoline (be gentle) or come in, lay back and let us do it for you 🙂 It is essential for the health of the skin, improving blood and lymph circulation, allowing for organic exchange of nutrients between the cells and the skin therefore creating plump and glow. Excellent for acne, PMS, water retention related problems, sinus and a general well-being of the skin and the body.

If possible try to minimize the intake of alcohol, dairy, sugar and salts as they are very invasive to the health of the lymphatic system and the levels of cortisol in the body. They  create chaos overwhelming the body to function properly on every level.

Please let us hear your thoughts 🙂

Can’t wait to drain you!!! 🙂

Vicki Morav!!!